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Tuesday, 30 July 2013 17:12

Proyecto Dominga de Andes Iron sería ingresado al SEIA en septiembre

Iniciativa minera de Garcés Silva y Délano actualmente estaría ponderando comentarios, sugerencias e inquietudes de las autoridades.

Se esperaba que a fines de este mes Andes Iron presentara a tramitación ambiental el megaproyecto Dominga, pero fuentes del sector confirmaron a ESTRATEGIA que el respectivo Estudio de Impacto Ambiental (EIA) aún no será presentado ante el Servicio de Evaluación e Impacto Ambiental (SEIA), debido a que actualmente autoridades públicas se encuentran dialogando con la empresa para afinar los últimos detalles del proyecto.

De acuerdo a las fuentes, la compañía ligada a los empresarios Carlos Alberto Délano y José Antonio Garcés, está integrando distintas observaciones, comentarios, sugerencias, particularmente de los Seremis, con el fin de consolidar un proyecto robusto que supere sin mayores contratiempos esta etapa. Ahora se espera que el mismo sea ingresado hacia fines de septiembre.

Dominga, ubicada en la Cuarta Región, costará cerca de US$2.500 millones y se transformará en una operación de la gran minería que apunta a producir en torno a 11 millones de toneladas de concentrado de hierro y un promedio de 125.000 toneladas de cobre al año.


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  • The Peruvian government plans to invest some 53.5bn soles (US$18.7bn) in sanitation and water projects in 2014-21. Of the total investment, 43.3bn soles will be used to expand potable water, sanitation and wastewater coverage, state news agency Andina said in a report. Investment for potable water and sanitation improvement works amounts to 8.9bn soles. Between 2011 and 2013, water coverage increased to 86.1% from 75.8%.

  • As expected by the market, struggling US telco NII Holdings, which operates the Nextel mobile telephony brand in Latin America, filed for chapter 11 proceedings in a bankruptcy court in New York. "The company has been in discussions with its major stakeholders over the last several months and is optimistic that those discussions will lead to a debt restructuring plan that will be reflected in a plan of reorganization that will be submitted in the proceedings in the near future," NII Holdings said on its website. "The company's operating subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are not part of the US bankruptcy proceedings and will continue to operate on a 'business as usual' basis." The operator already sold Nextel Chile to an international consortium of Argentine, UK and US investors. NII posted a net loss of US$629mn in Q2 compared to a loss of US$385mn a year ago. The company did not pay approximately US$119mn in interest due on August 15 on senior notes issued by its subsidiaries NII Capital and NII International Telecom. These notes had a 30-day grace period under which they still could have been paid, but they expired on Monday without payment. In a statement, Nextel Brasil, the company's largest subsidiary, stressed that the decision of NII Holdings "to initiate a formal process in the United States to restructure its debt will not affect routine business operations of Nextel Brazil or the quality and reliability of its services to customers in the country".

  • Brazil needs to invest 299bn reais (US$127bn) in urban mobility over the next 12 years, metro engineers and architects association Aeamesp said in a release. The assessment is based on a study from national development bank BNDES addressing the needs of 15 metropolitan regions with 71% of the Brazilian population. The suggested investment – equivalent to 0.4% of GDP – is approximately three times the current average of 0.1-0.14% of GDP, the release said. In 2013, a total of 23.8bn reais was invested by the public sector, with 9.3bn reais coming from public-private partnerships and 2bn reais from the private sector through concessions. This was made possible by the PPP law that allows BNDES financing for infrastructure works as well as operations. To facilitate investments, BNDES has offered new terms for loans made to the public sector, PPPs and the private sector through concessions, including raising maturities to 20 years from 15 years. BNamericas will host its 5th South America Infrastructure Summit in Colombia on October 22-23.