Saturday 29 November 2014
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Hospital de Maipú abriría a comienzos de 2014

99% de avance:

Un 99% y 98% de avance tienen las obras gruesas de los nuevos hospitales de Maipú y La Florida, respectivamente, según el MOP. En el primer caso, el 65% fue recepcionado y está siendo equipado. Eso implica que, tras la recepción final, podría iniciar la marcha blanca en octubre y abrir totalmente el primer trimestre de 2014.

Ambos recintos fueron pensados para funcionar bajo un nuevo modelo de gestión, como hospitales clínicos. Pero como la ley que los crea está entrampada en el Congreso, Salud no descarta que Maipú funcione como hospital autogestionado hasta que se apruebe la ley o un veto presidencial.


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Construirá una nueva planta de pizzas en Talca: La firma destinará US$ 3,8 millones a un centro de distribución en Concón y US$ 25 millones a uno en Talca. Leer más...

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  • Sinking oil prices could increase the urgency of Latin America's refinery projects as state-controlled firms seek to guarantee an outlet for heavy crude, according the latest BNamericas Intelligence Series oil and gas report. The Latin America's Refining Industry: Sovereignty at What Cost? report casts doubts over the region's ability to end construction bottlenecks caused by corruption and mismanagement. "In the current context of surging US oil and gas production and a potential glut of refined products, there would seem to be certain logic behind oil-producing countries in Latin America seeking to attain self-sufficiency in refining to supply their domestic markets and guarantee an outlet for their increasingly heavy crude oils," the report said. Global oil prices have fallen by more than a third since June, impacted by higher production in North America and a global economic downturn. The value of Brent crude dipped to US$76/b on Thursday, its lowest price since September 2010. According to the report, Latin America's refining capacity stood at about 7Mb/d in 2013, unchanged since 2000. At the same time, a growing middle class and relative political stability had prompted consumption to increase to 8.7Mb/d. The report cited chronic delays to Brazil's refinery projects and the need for modernization in Mexico as key challenges facing the region's downstream segment. "For the time being the region's biggest players have not shown an ability to follow through on plans, and have failed to implement their projects on time and more or less within budget," the report added. The full report can be seen here. [GRAFICO:FIGURA:ID_432] var grafico = '{"colors":["#001b96","#f78e1e","#181818","#8ec4fb","#fabb78","#2577cb","#d9d9d9","#1281b4","#7d7d7d","#3349ab","#0f648b","#343434"],"chart":{"renderTo":"chart_plotted","type":"column"},"xAxis":{"categories":["OECD America","Ex-USSR","Middle East","ASIA","Europe","Latin America","Africa"]},"yAxis":{"title":{"text":"thousands of barrels per day"}},"series":[{"data":[984,897,358,1280,-1057,-559,-657],"name":"2013","_colorIndex":0},{"data":[1377,1167,1094,801,-1592,-548,-998],"name":"2019","_colorIndex":1}],"title":{"text":"Middle Distillate Surplus/Deficit by Region"},"subtitle":{"text":"Latin American middle distillate shortage is projected to improve minimally by 2019"},"credits":{"text":"Source: BNamericas.com with data from IEA","href":"http://www.bnamericas.com/","style":{"fontSize":"11px"}},"exporting":{"enabled":true}}'; var json_grafico = JSON.parse(grafico); json_grafico.chart.renderTo="graficodiv432"; var graficarlo = new Highcharts.Chart(json_grafico);

  • Colombia has received no offers for its 286bn-peso (US$132mn) concession tender of a group of three airports, local paper La República reported vice president Germán Vargas as saying. The tender to revamp, operate and maintain Neiva (estimated 75bn-peso investment), Armenia (135bn pesos) and Popayán (76bn pesos) airports is expected to be called again in another eight days, he said. Meanwhile, Colombia's government received two economic bids for the 346bn-peso Ernesto Cortissoz airport concession in Barranquilla, transport ministry MinTransporte said in a release. The bids were submitted by Consortium Aeropuertos Colombia SPV – comprising companies Valorcon, Equipo Universal and Inversiones Millenium Azipo – and Consortium Estructura Plural Pavimentos Colombia y Graña y Montero, comprising Pavimentos Colombia SAS and Graña y Montero (Peru). Barranquilla's airport currently handles around 2.1mn passengers a year, while the three other airports together handle about 1mn. The concession plans would allow for a 3.35mn increase in passenger traffic, according to studies from Aertec Solutions.

  • Four new highways are due to open in Mexico by year-end and work on 26 more will be underway, transport and communications (SCT) minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said. The four, which required investment of 5.24bn pesos (US$380mn), will bring the total built under President Enrique Peña Nieto's 161bn-peso (US$12bn) 46-highway plan to 13. The government has said it wants to have all roads included in the plan built by the end of 2018, when Peña Nieto's leaves office. Ruiz Esparza said that by year-end the current administration will have built 700km of new highways. The four projects due to open are the 1.29bn-peso 29km Salamanca-Irapuato stretch of the Salamanca-León road; the 1.85bn-peso 31km Mazatlán bypass; the 500mn-peso Colima-Tonalá stretch of the Guadalajara-Colima highway; and the 1.6bn-peso 42km Oriente de Chihuahua bypass. Ruiz Esparza was speaking during the opening of the 1.28bn-peso Nuevo Xcan-Playa del Carmen highway in Quintana Roo state. SCT has invested 2.5bn pesos in six highway projects in Quintana Roo, among them the rehabilitation of the Kukulkán boulevard in Cancún, and the widening of the Mérida-Puerto Juárez route from four lanes to eight.